Broke sales

Some money I was counting on to come in evaporated into thin air so now I’m back trying to sell a few things.

I have also started to consider doing commissions again.

Unbuilt Kits:
MG Red Astray 30th anniversary clear runner $8

Completed Kits:
MG Gundam X $80
MG Wing Zero Custom $80
MG Nu Astray $80
1/60 NG Strike Gundam $40 (stand not included)

Stop and Smell the Roses $80
Junkyard Gundam $80
Clanche Camo $65

Completed Kits: All have a caveat that they are prone to paint chipping.
HGAC Wing Gundam (Wing ver Ka scheme) $20
HGBF Gundam X Maoh (custom scheme) $20
HGAW Gundam X (least likely for paint to chip, but shield would need to be repainted) $20
HG 00 Raiser (custom scheme) $20

The prices don’t include shipping and I am open to shipping internationally or local pickup in the NYC area. I might eventually put some of these on eBay but for now you can contact me at my email ( or PM me at the gunpla sub reddit ( where I will also be selling these in the commerce thread.

MG Gundam X


There were some ups and downs with the photo shoot of this guy, the bad being the irritating shield/rifle. I was never a fan of the X’s rifle as it seems kinda dumb to have your shield and rifle be unusable when the other is out, so I was hoping the model form would give it a better light but instead it became one of my least favorite experiences with interchangeable hands. Normally interchangeable hands do not bother me and sometimes I even prefer them but here imagine all the annoyances you’ve ever had with interchangeable hands happening all at once.

The good though came as a total surprise as it was the 2nd action base connector the kit comes with that attaches to the back instead of the crotch. I can say without a doubt that once it was on posing this kit was easier than any other kit I have ever dealt with. The connection is so good that it never felt even slightly wobbly.

Wanted to keep the general look but add some flavor to it so changed up some of the colors here and there from the original while trying to maintain the same basic color scheme.

HGBF GM Cardigan


This kit came out so much better than I was expecting and while there were some slight frustrations at the end (a hairline seam crack, the pain of standing a super back heavy kit, a display stand connection that would constantly become loose), none of them really took away from the final experience.

HGBF Build Burning


Because of the relative simple design of the Build Burning I wanted to try some paints I didn’t really have the opportunity to use previously, namely pearlescents. I tried using a pearl in the past but the effect was so light that it went unnoticed but this time I used Mr Color’s white pearl and I think that the effect is even evident in photos. I also used some GX metallics with some clear color coats over them like with the RG Exia. The flames didn’t turn out exactly how I hoped but hopefully that will be rectified if I ever get the Try Burning.