Detailing the Strike Freedom


The Perfect Grade Strike Freedom while using the same frame as the strike and the astray PG’s doesn’t come close to their level of surface detail. In order to add some detail without going too far my client wanted the kit to have more panel lines. Continue reading

The many fixes of the PG Strike Freedom


The Strike Freedom in the last year has gone from a design I didn’t like to one of my all time favorites so after the RG I was seriously considering laying down the large sum of cash for the PG version but after building it for this commission I really don’t think I will. Continue reading

New year New commission


Last year funds have been pretty tight and unfortunately things haven’t changed much yet so commissions are still very much a thing, sometimes though conveniently the commission is of a kit I never considered getting or was on the fence about, and this is the latter. Continue reading

Black Friday Haul 2014

It’s that time of the year again and while I have been buying kits through out the year I couldn’t miss Black Friday. Just like last year there weren’t any stand out sales and I’m starting to think we will never see another like the legendary HLJ one 3 years ago (I wonder if it’s even financially sound to do it again).

This year I finally got my holy grail kits aka kits that I have been wanting Bandai to make for years all of which coincidentally have been made in the last year and a half (The X, Zero Proto, Nu and Hi Nu). When it comes to the HG’s I have always wanted a Gouf custom and the Build Fighter kits just seem to be getting better and better design wise so I picked them up.


Since the Nu and the Hi Nu are my favorite Gundam designs of all time I decided to invest in metal parts for both and since I was buying them from Samuel Decal I also picked up some decals including 1 from an upcoming commission. One other item I was lucky enough to stumble upon was a Badger Patriot that was selling for 50 dollars on an Amazon lighting deal.


One last thing was a slew of paints and supplies I got for mostly an upcoming commission and to resupply a bit of my paint reserves hit hard this year.