MG Astray Noir Custom

Had to do some paint stripping for this one as the client pre painted some of it but for the most part it was a pretty straight forward building experience even though it consists of pieces from various kits. Not sure how my client will use the Fenice Rinascita wings but they came out well.

RG Strike Freedom (2nd)

A pretty simple build considering I already knew what to expect, the only part that gave me any trouble was handling the Alclad brass. Alclads high shine paints tend to rub off when handling them with your bare hands so I had to put this thing together with gloves. While it’s just an inconvenience the idea that even with a top coat I’m afraid to touch any part with brass on it made me decide when it’s time for an eventual MG Strike Freedom build (bootleg or 2.0) I will have to find an alternative.

MG Sengoku

I was a bit worried with this one as applying the amount of layers needed for a candy coat on to a frame meant that joints would be exceptionally tight. While there wasn’t any danger of breakage, paint scratch felt like a big possibility. Luckily the Sengoku design has large covers for some of the areas that paint scratch would most likely happen, and as long as it isn’t scratched by the time the client gets it I’m happy.