The Tale of Two Exia’s


As I continue to clear my backlog I felt it was time to work on the 2 RG Exia’s I bought along with the P-Bandai parts to make the Exia Repair. Working on both kits at the same time allows me to speed through the second kit fully aware of all of its issues. Also because the repair is meant to be weathered sanding doesn’t have to be as methodical. Continue reading



The GP01 is a model with great surface detail but just doesn’t have enough color separation to take advantage of it. So I did a bit of extra masking and hand painting to the kit in order to bring out all the panels. Also besides the minor break I mentioned in the last post I ran into some pretty funky decals (3rd party waterslides) that gave me non stop headaches throughout the whole process, so much so that afterwards I gladly ripped up and threw away the leftovers.

MG Altron


I have said it before but the experience I have with a kit at the end can really color my impression of it and now that I am finished with the Altron/Nataku” I really recommend this kit if you can get it for a reasonable price. It does share the prone to scratches and easy to break random tight parts that I am starting to realize is in every modern MG Wing kit but besides that it’s a fine build. FYI the stands that come with this kit are okay but if you really want to pose the Dragon Fangs you will want to use a Tamashii stand or a similar alternative as they fit the fangs perfectly.



Like most of the western Gunpla community I tend to dislike P-Bandai and only buy things from it I’m will to pay a premium for which usually doesn’t include entire kits, but this time I convinced myself to go and get the recently released MG Altron/Nataku Gundam. While it definitely wasn’t worth the amount I paid for it I finally was able to get a kit I have been waiting years for.

The RG GP01 on the other hand is the oldest kit in my backlog and considering it’s one of my favorite designs I felt it was more than due time to build it. Continue reading

Gundam Weapons: Build Fighters Try Special Edition


When Build Fighters Try was announced it became evident that unlike the original Build Fighters most of the kit designs would be either brand new or be older designs modified to such a level they might as well be new. Because of that unlike previous Build Fighter Gundam Weapons books this one focuses on OOB builds slightly modified to heighten the detail or features of mostly HG’s. Continue reading