New Year

Long time no see again. I had planned to update the site much more after all the commissions but ended up putting it off until I realized it was the end of 2019 and I still haven’t posted the last of the commission builds.

Well I finally managed to post the builds but wanted to talk about what else I have been doing and what I hope to do with this site in 2020.

Since finishing commissions I haven’t really done much gunpla. I did start 2 144 HG kits earlier in the year and got pretty far with modifying one of them, but I’m thinking I might need to give some resin casting a try in order to finish it.

Beyond that I did some work on custom marvel figures. From paint touch ups to significant internal structure modding.

The big project though that took most of my time this year was a total redo of my modeling work space. I’ve posted images of my work space in the past which is a broken down bathroom. For the longest time I had to work around the broken toilet severely limiting what I could do in the space. But during the summer and fall I did a bunch of renovations including removing the toilet, plugging the sewer pipe, and building a wooden base around it. A number of other things I did was add more pegboards, repainted the room, put multiple coats of thick gloss coat on everything, fill every gap I could to prevent loosing small pieces, wall mount my monitor, build a new spray booth stand, among various other changes. With a new job and preparing for going to grad school the final parts of the renovation took way longer than expected.

Having just finished 2 or so months ago I haven’t had time to work on much. Mostly I’ve been trying to finish as many figures that only need small mods and once I get enough of that backlog done I can get back to gunpla.

Some of those have been paint detailing, touch ups, and small mods of a marvel Legends Antman, Green Goblin and a bootleg masterpiece Optimus Prime. I also gutted a figuarts Hulk, rebuilt the internal articulation, and repainted the whole thing.

Currently I am working on a marvel legends Iceman which I just managed to finish.

Finally I have decided it’s time to redo this site. For the longest time all the additions and plugins built into the site has kept me from changing it up, but at this point I think it has become necessary.

Happy New Year.


Wrapping up Commissions

Even though I stopped taking commission for the most part I still had a few to finish up from an old client.

Being that they are commissions that are just OOB or repaints I didn’t really have much to post when it came to WIP’s which was the reason for so few updates. Also I really want to redesign the site but too much integrated plugins have kept me from investing the time to try to build a new one. I’m hoping when I am back to posting my own personal builds the incentive to redesign will be strong enough that I will focus more time on it.

For now there will be some commission and figure customizing posts coming up.


Selling Customs

Got some stuff to sell.
They are all on eBay but If your interested in shipping internationally or doing a local pickup in the NYC area contact me.

I am selling the 1/100 RE GP04 I entered for the HLJ contest.

I’m still selling the Custom Iron Fist Marvel Legend figure.

I’m selling some extra Gundam Converge figures from the recent Converge 10 set.


Update and Converge

As mentioned on the sidebar there was a day or two of downtime but that issue has been resolved and things should be working fine.

I also managed to have a hard drive die so that resulted in some delays to posts on here.

Besides that I wanted to showcase my eBay sales, specifically my Gundam Converge and Gashapon that I recently added to the sales page. Since Bandai has decided to stop distributing Converge to the US I have to order it from Japan and that means I usually have to buy a box set. With the box sets I will have leftovers so I should have a stream of Converge figures added to the sales page every other month or so.

If your interested in Gundam Converge figures check out the sales page every now and then.



Recently mvm3897 uploaded a video about commissions and I really wanted to link to it here. If you don’t know mvm3897 is basically one of the oldest and most respected gunpla/gundam resin builders in the western community and has been doing commissions for some time. Considering the gunpla community in the west is small compared to the east the amount of people doing commissions is so small that I never could get a good understanding of the going rate for most and even more importantly where to find clients willing to pay that amount.

I want people to see this and understand that not only that commissions go for a good amount of money but that you get what you pay for. Too many times have I seen people back out when I gave them VERY low figures for the work they are asking for. As I have started doing commissions more and more I have let this slide less and less and have refused commissions that I would have taken a year or more ago. Right now I will maintain my rate but I have always felt like it is too low and will eventually raise it.