MG Heavyarms


I got the new photography setup going which allowed me to finally take the completed images of the Heavyarms and given the problems I had during this build the final experience I had with this kit was overwhelmingly positive. For one no mishaps happened with breaks or chipping. Posing was easy enough as it could hold poses better than the majority of my MG’s. I will admit like a few others I still dislike the concept of MG’s having fixed hands but when it comes to posing a kit it can’t be beat. Even the color scheme issues I had turned out great under the lights.


First build of 2014

Similarly to last year I have plenty of plans for the year and expect a bunch of changes and shake ups within my life. Instead of anticipating this and trying to take a break like last year only to go right back to building soon after I am going to do the opposite and try to build all the builds I want ASAP before any possible life changes occur. That means a lot more builds at hopefully a quicker rate.

So with that in mind I decided my first build of the year after the Sinanju and the PG RX-78-2 would be a nice quick build and considering that I built and sanded half of the kit already over my summer vacation Heavyarms was the obvious choice, but right off the bat I had problems.

First of all the back skirt armor just snapped right off the runner as I was removing it, luckily it was a clean break so cement and putty was all that was needed to make it invisible after painting.


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