MG Sazabi ver Ka


After a year of shelving it I finally finished the Sazabi ver. Ka but ran into an unexpected situation, the candy coat deteriorated. Basically certain pieces had their red coat fade away only showing the silver underneath and on top of that all of the decals faded from white to pink (I assume because of the candy).

In order to deal with this I re-coated the worst pieces, bought new decals and reapplied the most prominent ones.

One nice aspect of all this is that the decals take less attention away from the metallic candy coat than they would have previously.


Starting and Stoping


With only a few more months in the year I thought it I should start working on the Sazabi Ver Ka I got for the HLJ competition at the beginning of the year. When a new kit like the Sazabi is as popular as it was you become inundated with various builds using various schemes and modifications. So because of that I kinda felt obligated to do something extra. Continue reading