New Year

Long time no see again. I had planned to update the site much more after all the commissions but ended up putting it off until I realized it was the end of 2019 and I still haven’t posted the last of the commission builds.

Well I finally managed to post the builds but wanted to talk about what else I have been doing and what I hope to do with this site in 2020.

Since finishing commissions I haven’t really done much gunpla. I did start 2 144 HG kits earlier in the year and got pretty far with modifying one of them, but I’m thinking I might need to give some resin casting a try in order to finish it.

Beyond that I did some work on custom marvel figures. From paint touch ups to significant internal structure modding.

The big project though that took most of my time this year was a total redo of my modeling work space. I’ve posted images of my work space in the past which is a broken down bathroom. For the longest time I had to work around the broken toilet severely limiting what I could do in the space. But during the summer and fall I did a bunch of renovations including removing the toilet, plugging the sewer pipe, and building a wooden base around it. A number of other things I did was add more pegboards, repainted the room, put multiple coats of thick gloss coat on everything, fill every gap I could to prevent loosing small pieces, wall mount my monitor, build a new spray booth stand, among various other changes. With a new job and preparing for going to grad school the final parts of the renovation took way longer than expected.

Having just finished 2 or so months ago I haven’t had time to work on much. Mostly I’ve been trying to finish as many figures that only need small mods and once I get enough of that backlog done I can get back to gunpla.

Some of those have been paint detailing, touch ups, and small mods of a marvel Legends Antman, Green Goblin and a bootleg masterpiece Optimus Prime. I also gutted a figuarts Hulk, rebuilt the internal articulation, and repainted the whole thing.

Currently I am working on a marvel legends Iceman which I just managed to finish.

Finally I have decided it’s time to redo this site. For the longest time all the additions and plugins built into the site has kept me from changing it up, but at this point I think it has become necessary.

Happy New Year.



As mentioned previously the client of the Zeta 2.0 commission I did unfortunately never received the model, so he wanted to do a brand new model inspired by the same design.

If you would like to commission a build you can find my contact information in the commission link above. Continue reading


I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while

For a few months now I have wanted to get back to figure customizing but with limited time and space I can only really do 1 or 2 projects at once and with all the commissions I put figures on the back burner. So with the commissions slowing down I took the opportunity to get some figures done before I get busy again.

If you’re interested in this Flash figure the eBay page can be found here. Continue reading


Squeezed in

In between commissions I managed to finish this Marvel Legends Vision I started working on like 6 months ago. I wanted to do something different with him so I came up with the idea of having him be half phasing and half solid.

I initially intended to make this for myself but came to the decision months ago that when I ever got around to finishing him I would try to sell him. If you’re interested the Ebay page can be found here.