MG Gundam X


There were some ups and downs with the photo shoot of this guy, the bad being the irritating shield/rifle. I was never a fan of the X’s rifle as it seems kinda dumb to have your shield and rifle be unusable when the other is out, so I was hoping the model form would give it a better light but instead it became one of my least favorite experiences with interchangeable hands. Normally interchangeable hands do not bother me and sometimes I even prefer them but here imagine all the annoyances you’ve ever had with interchangeable hands happening all at once.

The good though came as a total surprise as it was the 2nd action base connector the kit comes with that attaches to the back instead of the crotch. I can say without a doubt that once it was on posing this kit was easier than any other kit I have ever dealt with. The connection is so good that it never felt even slightly wobbly.

Wanted to keep the general look but add some flavor to it so changed up some of the colors here and there from the original while trying to maintain the same basic color scheme.