Lacquers Forever

With the Perfect Grade 00 Raiser being my first perfect grade I really didn’t know what to expect. When they said “perfect” I thought they really meant it but if you have put together one you will know that isn’t true. After the success of the rx78-2 diorama I decided to just flat coat the model. So I bought Tamiya compound and was ready to sand down the nubs and make them disappear with the compound. Things didn’t work out that way but the compound has come in handy in other ways that I will discuss in a future post.

Eventually I realized that in order to do this model any justice I would have to paint it (especially since some pieces just weren’t molded in the color they should be). I had experience with acrylic and enamels and wasn’t happy with the outcome of either so I decide to try lacquers. Choosing lacquers was an investment as they are hard to find locally and I had none to start off with. But once I tried them out I instantly knew why all the pros use them.

At first I thought lacquer was popular because of it’s bright and vibrant colors but after I started using it I found that it’s drying time and strength were what really made it such a joy to use. It drys almost instantly making drying time between coats non existent. I don’t have to wait for something to dry to see how the color is going to look or purposely do a very fine coat cause I am unsure of the result. On top of that after 24 hours the strength of the paint easily outclassed enamels and acrylics leaving joints far less likely to be scratched up.

I really did my home work with this one and didn’t just eyeball my thinner ratios. The result was the cleanest and most vibrant paint job I have done eve compared to my most recent work.



The next model is probably my best looking work to date as well as the most expensive, it’s the Perfect Grade 00 Raiser.

I got this on the black Friday of 2010 and it took months for me to finally crack it open and work on it, not because I had a lot of other things to work on but because it was just a huge endeavor. Once I did start to work on it the build dragged and dragged, the snap fitting and the nub removing was just so tedious for the inexperienced modeler I was.