Working on the Jagd Doga

Even with it being grounded and having a big body I still wanted to go lite on LEDs for the Jagd Doga. The beam going through it and the mono eye are the only source of illumination in the Jagd and using the reasoning I explained in the fin funnel post I actually felt totally fine with it. Most of all I just don’t want the frustration of the Nu to repeat itself, and frankly after seeing the Nu lit up while on the diorama base I found a new reason why doing it this way is the best course of action. As you can see in some of the pictures below the lit up Nu’s thrusters are very bright to the level of actually casting spot lights on the diorama. Now with that in mind if I lit up every thruster of the Jagd Doga the base would look like I threw a bucket of blue paint over everything. Continue reading