We have a winner!!


After all the testing I did I finally found something that works. A month or so ago I posted up various tries at metallic coats using Alclad crome, Tamiya clears, and Mr Color clears each with their share of problems. Unsure on what method to take I listened to advice on reddit and reviewed this video over and over again. I eventually came to the conclusion that I should give Alclad’s enamels a try since they were not only pre-thinned so there wouldn’t be any chance of different ratios giving me different shades but they also could possibly give me the best shine. Continue reading


Model Figures

While doing the Qan [T] I had the urge to paint the small figures that come with MG models especially since the ones included for the 00 Qan[T] are sculpted to resemble Setsuna well. I must admit for the last few MG/PG models I have done I have ignored the pilot figure, they were just too much of a bother to do since I would have to painstakingly hand paint everything. But now I think I am going to paint every one of those from here on out.

the big difference from how I was painting them before is that I am using lacquer this time. I have always been so hesitant to use lacquers outside of airbrushing that I used to use a combination of enamels, acrylic, and markers. But with the lacquers I have the color range, the fast drying, and can do enamel washes all I want.

With this I first started by masking off the body and leaving the base to get painted in the gunmetal that I was painting the Qan[T] inner frame in at the time. Once that was dried I painted the light blue first since as I learned in various art classes years ago “go from light to dark”. I also wanted to use the white plastic as the white found in the figure so I was extra careful applying the blue. Afterwards came the dark blue which I was able to apply over the light blue in certain areas making painting both easier (for example the gloves). Which was then was followed by the gray vest, the skin color, and the black hair. When they were all dried I heavily thinned some black enamel paint and carefully gave the figure a wash so the detailed would come out without the whole thing looking dirty.