Fin Funnel Frustration

Continuing with the Nu Gundam I moved down to it’s lower body and managed to add LEDs to the thrusters while channeling the wires through the legs right to the waist. The only problem is that because of the thickness of the wires I will have to rewire the feet thrusters and the calf thrusters together so that only a pair of wires have to travel through the leg. Continue reading


Time to get to work

Took a day or two off after finishing the base and managed to redo the area I use for modeling while I was at it (I will make a post showing where I do my modeling in the future). Yesterday though I came to a decision to alter my original design for the layout and action of the diorama. Basically not much has changed except that the Nu will be firing a beam rifle instead of a beam saber. With this all the damage done to the other models will be projectile based instead of melee based. Also the Nu will be elevated much higher than it was originally. I wanted to stare clear of working on battle damage and explosions at the moment so I started modifying the Nu Gundam for the LEDs that will be placed inside of it. Continue reading



The most important point of advice I would give someone who is new to dioramas and wants to make a great looking one is to layer. One of the most popular types of diorama when it comes to gunpla is of a grassy forest or rocky type area and most of the time the grass and the foliage looks flat and unrealistic. The problem is that just a single coat of flock is added to a plain base. I have seen videos of professional modelers do just that and make amazing pieces of work but unless you are a pro the results will just look bad. What I suggest is to first detail that base. Add a glue rock/dirt/sand mixture, paint it up, add pastels or pigments, highlight the lights and shadows, basically make it look as good as it would be if no grass was ever going to be on it. That way when you sift the foliage on there will have depth no matter what. It takes some extra work and might seem like it’s pointless but if you are inexperienced in dioramas it will result in better looking work.

Why I bring this up is because I am finished with the Char’s Counter Attack base and I added a extra coat of pastels (this time without mixing it with thinner). A light brown and blue mixture to cool down the highlights while lessening the earthy reddish tone.


Base coloring

The weather cleared up and I managed to prime and flat black coat the base. Once the black was dry I airbrushed some chrome over the mechanical areas. I then took some cheap acrylics hand painted a mixture of grey and yellow to the rock areas and dry brushed a light grey over it. The mechanical parts seemed a bit bare so decals were sporadically applied to it.

I have one of the Tamiya weathering sets but the colors don’t really suit this diorama so instead I shaved off bits of oil pastels. Covered the rocky areas with various coats of browns, and used a dark tone to highlight the shadows. Afterwards I added 2 more dry brush applications, since the pastel tones became pretty dark after top coating it. Still planning to do a bit more to it.