Explosion follow up

Painted the explosions with clear yellow, clear red, dark orange, dark brown, and black. Following the designs of odokevyo and various pictures of real life explosions I tried to shade them in an appropriate way. For the most part I am pretty happy with the look of the paint job. Unfortunately after seeing how it illuminates I am starting to doubt this being the method odokevyo actually uses. It lights up fairly fine but you can see the inner veins of the polyester which is very different from odokevyo’s explosions you can see here. Continue reading


Last bit of uncertainty

This memorial weekend I basically stepped away from gunpla partly because I wanted a break and partly because I had to let some stuff dry and man they took a long time to dry.

For a long time I have wanted to do a battle diorama and when I got the chance to do one I wanted to add explosions to it. Explosions in gunpla dioramas are rare and combining explosions and LEDs are so rare I have only seen one modeler ever do it. Frankly the illuminated explosions of the Korean modeler (I think his name is odokevyo) I am referencing are so amazing that they are the reason why I decided I wanted to add LEDs to this diorama at all. From looking at explosion tutorials and from the pictures he has posted I came up with an idea on what materials to use and how to use them. Continue reading


Jagd Doga road block

Starting this week I stepped up my speed on the Jagd Doga and began painting. Luckily after a thread on the Mecha Lounge I came to realize that my understanding of pre shading and post shading was wrong. Because of this I looked at a few new spraying tutorials (this being one of them) and instead of using pre or post shading I decided to use both but in a new more knowledgeable way. The result was much better than expected and with a whole lot of masking (this is a HG) I managed to finished it. Continue reading


Gundam Eclipse SUMMER WAR 2012 Contest

Today to my complete surprise the 2nd Gundam Eclipse Summer War contest was announced. I participated in the 1st one last year and was pretty happy with the work I did, but I made a few mistakes that cost me. I am still working on the diorama for the MAC contest, and was planning to do another OOB build for it even though I entered the Hyakku Shiki. But with this news I am going to instead focus that OOB for the Summer War contest.

I going to try for 3 models but considering that the CCA diorama will probably take me another 2 to 3 weeks to finish I might be able to enter only 2.

I have to admit though I was a bit happy and sad when I heard the announcement. I have been doing contests non stop from the end of 2011 and was hoping for a bit of a break after the MAC contest but I guess that’s not in the cards for me.

For anyone interested the contest can be found here.


Working on the Jagd Doga

Even with it being grounded and having a big body I still wanted to go lite on LEDs for the Jagd Doga. The beam going through it and the mono eye are the only source of illumination in the Jagd and using the reasoning I explained in the fin funnel post I actually felt totally fine with it. Most of all I just don’t want the frustration of the Nu to repeat itself, and frankly after seeing the Nu lit up while on the diorama base I found a new reason why doing it this way is the best course of action. As you can see in some of the pictures below the lit up Nu’s thrusters are very bright to the level of actually casting spot lights on the diorama. Now with that in mind if I lit up every thruster of the Jagd Doga the base would look like I threw a bucket of blue paint over everything. Continue reading