One more time

So while looking into the spider  man figures i ran across brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures that are supposed to coincide with a new series. I haven’t bought a TMNT figure since I was a little kid and outside of the NECA figures (which I want but they are too expensive) they have never really targeted the collector. Surprisingly with these new figures though they seem to be doing so after like 25 years, so I decided to give these a try and picked up my favorite turtle Leonardo. Leonardo really has a lot of etched detail and pretty good articulation and even with the third toe is great. One thing I forgot that these bring back are that the weapons are on runners and considering all the models I have been doing this really gave me a laugh. Continue reading


Airbrush service

For the last past few months part of my airbrush has been broken. It hasn’t affected my ability to paint with it but has affected my ability to open and fully clean it. I have a Badger LGL that I bought many years ago and a piece called a Tube Shank broke. I asked around and found a place called that was highly recommended and it was a breeze to receive the piece. So I just wanted to inform anyone who is in need of similar service.

One more thing is that my camera work for the next month will probably be all over the place as I am transitioning back to my old crappy camera and then eventually to a DSLR hopefully soon.