Site Redesign

I have been wanting to update the look of the site for a long time and with me getting the new camera and finishing the GP03 and the 00 Raiser I decided now would be the best time to go ahead and do it. I made small tweaks here and there but the biggest are the top slider replacing the banner and the color scheme. I figured if I was going to change the site I wanted to do it in a way that would instantly make people notice the change.

I hope people like the new look cause I sure do.



I am really happy with how this all turned out and I think I really managed to live up to my original concept. With all the modifications it feels original and different but keeps enough of the GP03’s aspects to make it instantly recognizable.

This surprisingly became one of my most proud builds.


Mecha Lounge Competition

My Char’s Counter Attack Diorama managed to get 2nd place in the competition and considering this is the first contest I have ever placed in I am pretty happy, even more so knowing that the prize I wanted is the one I won.

I wanna thank everyone at the Mecha Lounge for this contest. It’s length in addition to how big it became pushed me to do builds that really increased my development as a modeler

For anyone who doesn’t know the Mecha Lounge can be found here


GP03 updates

With all the major mods done what I focused on was small mods all through out the model. Things like vents for the chest, panel lining, metal screws and rivets, Kotobukiya and wave parts, and various pla applications. I also made sure to soak and clean each piece in order to avoid the problems that happened with the 00 Raiser. Continue reading