New Look

Recently I have been seeing more and more of my fellow modelers start to do commissions so I thought I should give it a try as well. I will also be doing a build in the future that I intend to sell on eBay so I can garner the interest level in people purchasing finished models.

Since I’m going into uncharted territory here, in order to bring some attention to this I decided on a bit of a redesign. The color scheme is a bit different as well as the header and a few other things, but the biggest change has to be the ‘Completed Models’ page which shows off my work in a much better fashion. When looking at other people’s sites for the first time after I look through a few of their posts I tend to head straight to their completed section, so I felt mine really needed to show off my work in the best possible light.

It took me a few alterations before I felt comfortable with the new look on a whole, and at first it felt like a temporary look that I was going to get tired of quickly but now I can see this design lasting for a while.


River Diorama


I have said it before but I like to try new things with my builds so with this diorama I wanted to do a scene that had to do with water.

Since this build was originally just the model I didn’t want to chance it into a large diorama. Instead I wanted a tight base where I could have the camouflage of the model work in conjunction with the environment so I went for a jungle river. Continue reading


Some good and bad news


Well first of all the good news is that the prizes for the Summer War 2012 competition finally came. I won 2nd place in the modified category and won a MG Zeong and a HG Val-Walo.

The Bad news has to do with the Clanche Custom. Unfortunately for some reason the model is falling apart. I can only assume that the enamel wash I gave it started to make the plastic brittle and fragile. I really don’t understand how this happened at all. I didn’t go over board with the mineral spirits and I have even painted entire models with enamels in the past with no problem so I don’t get it. Continue reading




I think I have mentioned this before but with almost every new build I try to do something new and with this one it’s camouflage. For the group build I am part of the ground team and since this is pretty much an air based mobile suit design with the flight mode and all, I felt a camo color scheme would reinforce the “ground” theme. Continue reading