Clanche Camo Diorama


I decided to name the 1/144 Clanche Custom diorama the Clanche Camo and I wanted to do something a little different with the photo shoot, which was to have it outdoors. Getting the background, lighting, and weather to work for me was a real pain as it took days for those three to line up right.

There has been so many ups and downs for this build, so while I’m happy with the final result I’m also happy to move on from it.




I ran into some time intensive problems with the water but learned a whole lot in the process.

When doing water for dioramas there is usually two different types of materials you should use one being resin the other acrylic medium. I have never worked with resin before so it was a bit intimidating therefore I went with something I tend to use on every diorama acrylic medium. I use acrylic gloss medium fluid thinned down with water to seal all of my dioramas as it is a pretty thick and substantial top coat. Traditionally with water in dioramas you either pour clear resin into the area, let it pool, and manipulate it as it hardens or you make the waves out of a solid mold-able material like clay, paint it, and top it off with multiple thin layers of acrylic medium. Continue reading