Workspace upgrade


While waiting for the Sinanju decals instead of starting my new build for the HLJ contest I thought this would be the best opportunity to revamp my workspace. You can see images of the old workspace here.

After reviewing numerous workspace threads and videos I was able to figure out a way to squeeze out some extra space from this cramped old bathroom. What I did was I built wall shelves all the way to the roof, got rid of some old bulky storage, moved the spray booth, and re painted the area.

Even with all that I didn’t feel like it was enough so I decided to go and build a paint rack like the one Steezy did in this video, and just like everyone else who seems to build one you find out you have more paint than you realized you had.

Now I’m ready to tackle a Katoki decal sheet I guess.


Sinanju for sale

I am finally selling that 2nd Sinanju OVA version I mentioned in previous posts. If your interested you can find it on Ebay here:

If you want a little discount we can also just skip ebay and go directly through paypal, since I wouldn’t have to pay for Ebay’s selling fees.

Outside of Ebay I am selling it for $70 not including shipping (check the ebay listing or for the shipping cost), and if you’re in the New York City area you can just pick it up and forget the shipping costs all together.

FYI: The Ebay sale is only for the US but outside of that I am willing to sell worldwide.

UPDATE: managed to sell it


We have a winner!!


After all the testing I did I finally found something that works. A month or so ago I posted up various tries at metallic coats using Alclad crome, Tamiya clears, and Mr Color clears each with their share of problems. Unsure on what method to take I listened to advice on reddit and reviewed this video over and over again. I eventually came to the conclusion that I should give Alclad’s enamels a try since they were not only pre-thinned so there wouldn’t be any chance of different ratios giving me different shades but they also could possibly give me the best shine. Continue reading


Breaks and Fixes


The MG Sinanju is a pretty advanced model even considering it came out in 2008 and with the new OVA version BANDAI seemed to want to improve on some of its faults. The kit has no polycaps which with its size and weight can be a bit hard on the joints so with the OVA version they turned the ABS frame into PS giving it increased bend and give. Primarily the biggest problems was in the torso joint where the original version Ka was infamous for breaking. Well I am disappointed to say that even with the new frame I had to deal with a bunch of the same problems. Continue reading