Black Friday Haul 2.0


It’s that time of the year again (or was a month ago) where I purchase my yearly supply of kits and unlike last year I made out well.

Last year I bought very few models mostly because the deals were just disappointing but to be honest this year wasn’t that much different. Robot4Less and Hobby Wave basically had similar deals to last year and while HLJ’s sale was better than last years it still didn’t compare to the amazing sale they had two years ago. Even so I decided to make the most of the deals available and buy some of the kits I have been pining for.

This year I got items solely from HLJ and Robot4Less. While Hobby Wave had the best prices upfront the limit on discounted items plus the shipping made Hobby Wave slightly more expensive than Robot4Less, so R4L is where I did most of my buying. I Got a MG Zeta A Plus, MG Age 2 Normal, MG Age 2 Double Bullet, MG GNX, MG Hyaku Shiki, RG GP01, RG Zeta, HG Wing, and a base with some decals.

HLJ had some pretty good prices but their lack of shipping discounts kept me from purchasing anything big instead I decided to get some extra after market parts, the ones that I can’t seem to find outside of Japan. Notably being wave hex rivets (which I love) and the new HiQParts hex pattern decals that just came out.

One last thing I got was something I ordered in October but got at the end of November which was a clear Perfect Grade base. Now I will admit it is a bootleg, the thing needed a good soak and wash when I got it, and the box was basically ready to fall apart at arrival. But Bandai just doesn’t make a clear version of this base, it has connections so it can hold up any PG which the original doesn’t, and frankly the Bandai one is just over priced. So while normally I avoid bootlegs like the plague this one is worth it, especially if you have a PG 00 Raiser.



Done with the contest

I haven’t posted in little over 2 months so I’m sure some people were wondering what happened. Well I didn’t get burnt out after the Sinanju, I wasn’t traveling or swamped with work, it was HLJ and their rules. As you can guess I have been working on my HLJ contest entry and while that doesn’t mean I couldn’t post text updates or just post about something else entirely I just kept putting it off.

Well now I am done with my entry and have submitted it. I planning to post numerous images of the WIP and the final model once HLJ says it’s okay to but you can see a little bit of it here.

The Perfect Grade RX-78-2 I won in the Mecha Lounge contest last year is what I worked on for this one and I am very happy with the final piece.

With this out of the way I will go back to updating regularly.