BANDAI in the last year or so has started to adopt an online limited release system called P-Bandai Exclusive, and like many other fans I am becoming a bit frustrated with it. It’s a combination of the fact that it isn’t open to western customers making us have to purchase it at marked up prices as well as the kits they choose to release as exclusives are becoming more elaborate. Continue reading


Another build another break


When I was working on the Strike Freedom epoxying the feet I was left with a bit of epoxy left over so as not to waste it I quickly broke out a kit from my backlog that I knew needed some gaps filled, this kit being the HGAC Wing Gundam. A week or so later when I was left waiting for the Strike Freedom replacement part and the decals for the Zeta I thought finishing the Wing in the meantime would be the best course of action. Continue reading


Modifying a Real Grade


One day while viewing modelers-g I saw an amazing RG Strike Freedom build. Considering that I am always on the look out for great Japanese gunpla blogs as well as I recently purchased my own RG Strike Freedom I found his blog to see his WIP. What I noticed as I looked through his past entries was that he modified the proportions of the real grade in order to achieve the look. It’s pretty rare to see RG frame modifications even among Japanese modelers because of how advanced they are as well as how fragile they tend to be. But he did so and considering I needed to do some proportion altering for a future RG build I thought this was a good opportunity to get my feet wet. Continue reading


MG Zeta Plus A


For the most part everything turned out well with the Zeta Plus with only one slight error that in my opinion was for the better (the mount for the beam rifle was upside down). I did also notice that while posing it that even though the articulation of the elbows and knees are great the legs, neck, and shoulders were pretty limited.

I have to say though this kit is my favorite kit of the year already even among the kits I have started and not posted yet.




The Real Grade Zeta is a marvel of BANDAI’s engineering having a complicated transformation while being a 1/144 sized model that also has an inner frame. But these features came at a price, being that the kit is very fragile. When this kit was first announced I jumped at the idea of having one but once the reviews came out I was starting to wonder if the MG 2.0 would suit me more. Numerous first look reviews of the kit resulted in breaks of one kind or another, and to this day I constantly hear stories of people breaking theirs. This instilled in me a fear of this kit, a fear I had to get over to actually enjoy it. Continue reading