Be careful with your mods

Still no decals (I am getting tired of this) so started working on the second Geara Doga now that I was done with the explosion. This green Geara Doga was to be situated in the far corner of the diorama but with the rearrangement of the Nu’s position I had to push the Geara Doga a bit farther to the corner. Further more I reevaluated the pose the model had, and changed it to a more dynamic one.

This was the first time I ever had a model in a diorama with a kinetic pose before, so in other words this was the first time I had to route beams through a model. It was far more difficult than I thought it would be. Initially I thought I would route a long brass rod from the ground through the leg, but what I realized was that breaking that rod up into pieces and segmenting it through each joint was much easier to work with. Unfortunately I didn’t foresee this at all and started modifying the joints without abandon. The result was that I basically had to rebuild the joints once I changed my plans. Because of the drying times of cement and epoxy putty this made the build take longer than it should have. On top of that the joints were loose and required even more work in order to rectify that.

After some trial and error and various pose ideas I got one that worked, and manged to secure it to the diorama base. All the LEDs work great but my biggest issue now is how I am going to decrease the visibility of that huge wad of wires.


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