Well I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is I got decals, the bad news was that it wasn’t Samuel decal’s decals. After waiting for over a month I decided that something must have happened to the package that USPS isn’t showing on their tracking page. At this point I couldn’t wait for it anymore and ordered some Char’s Counter Attack Bandai decals from Robot4Less. This isn’t the first time I ordered from Samuel Decals and that time it took less than a week to get to me. With that in mind I wont let this color my judgement of Samuel Decals, but I can’t help but feel like I should start to expand my list of decal providers after this.

Now with that out-of-the-way, I managed to finish the wiring for the Geara Doga. Considering how long I have been working on this diorama and the large amount of wire and lights used for this last model I decided against hiding the wiring inside the model. So I cut down the wires and since this takes place at the back corner of the base I felt that if the wires were slightly exposed from the back it would be okay.

Once everything worked and the wires were fairly hidden from the front I started seamline filling and battle damaging it. For this I used a tool I have never used before on gunpla which is a lighter. I lit up a few things here and there and even with restraint things sure melted fast.

After a pass with the dremel and a xacto I sprayed them all with some Krylon primer. When dealing with high grades that you don’t want to heavily mod your going to have to do a lot of masking, because of that I paint and mask in a specific order which starts with doing the yellows. But since the primer was so dark I sprayed some Mr Base White 1000 on each specific area and followed it with yellow.

I realized something after doing the yellows though, I have no more space. The Jagd Doga and the blue Geara Doga were still hanging and needed to be finished before I could go any further. So I applied decals to them and did all the weathering I have been waiting weeks to do. Now I just have to put them together.


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