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Since finishing the Char’s Counter Attack diorama I started to work on one of my two Summer War contest entries, a 1/144 00 Raiser. This is for the OOB category so I couldn’t really do much to the model outside of removing seam lines and unfortunately even though this model hides its seams very well it has quite a bit of them. Anyway since I cleaned the nub marks off this kit awhile back I thought this was going to be a nice, quick, and painless custom paint job… you can guess where this is going.

So I primed it and since I was going for very bright and bold colors with this I didn’t want to do a pre shade. A combination of fluorescent green (mixed with some clear green, white, and fluorescent yellow), aluminum, dark gray, white, and a clear turquoise is what I ended up using.

Everything seems to be going great until I started masking. I tried to peel off the tape and the paint came off with it. Not only was that happening but at joints and connection points the paint would easily chip. I then realized the reason for all of this was that I didn’t wash the kit before painting it. Now I have done a bunch of kits with and without washing them so I started to question if it was really needed, but after this I will always wash my kits.

The frustration grew after having my paint chip and crack over and over again but luckily it was subsided by having a successful shipment of Samuel decals sent to me. It took less than a week this time and proved to me the lost shipment before was just a fluke. I ordered custom green/white colored 00 Raiser prints and a Arios print, which kinda displayed the weaknesses of Samuel decal’s printing process as the orange in the print came out all dot patterned. I did manage to clean up the model though.



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