One more time

So while looking into the spider  man figures i ran across brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures that are supposed to coincide with a new series. I haven’t bought a TMNT figure since I was a little kid and outside of the NECA figures (which I want but they are too expensive) they have never really targeted the collector. Surprisingly with these new figures though they seem to be doing so after like 25 years, so I decided to give these a try and picked up my favorite turtle Leonardo. Leonardo really has a lot of etched detail and pretty good articulation and even with the third toe is great. One thing I forgot that these bring back are that the weapons are on runners and considering all the models I have been doing this really gave me a laugh.

Now even though the base figure is great the paint apps aren’t. The prototype images had all sorts of detailed washes and fully painted weapons but these had neither, so I went ahead and tried to fix that. First I simply coated it with various brown washes darkening the bright figure while filling in all the detail. After 4 to 5 washes I touched up the blue/brown paint and did some detailed black enamel washes for the face, scabbard, and the pads. Finally I did a slight green dry brush to add some contrast to the skin.

It was time to do the weapons but I decided on just doing the katanas as I didn’t want just a bunch of extra weapons I was never going to use. I lightly rinsed the plastic before hand so I was sure I wasn’t going to run into the issues I had with the 00 Raiser, but lo and behold once I started painting it and started masking it the paint came right off. I wasn’t freaking out but I was starting to feel like if I didn’t handle this well I was going to start having a complex about my airbrushing. So with that in mind I completely stripped the paint which also have it a much better soak and rinse. I sanded down the weapons so they would give grip to the paint. I used krylon primer which has a rougher texture than mr surfacer, and let the paint cure for at least 24 hours before I started masking it. The paint bond was far stronger and I hopefully wont have to deal with this issue in a future build ever again.


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