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It’s been a few weeks since my last post, for whatever reason I just kept putting off posting. During this time though a few things happened from a lot of work on my 2nd summer war contest entry to getting a new camera. I haven’t mentioned it on the site before but I am working on a 1/144 HGUC GP03. I bought the model during last years Black Friday and was planning to emulate NGT’s GP03 found here.

The original idea was that I would take my time with the build and slowly purchase metal after market parts to improve it as best as I can. But then this year’s Summer War Contest was announced and I had no models I wanted to use for the modified section, so I settled on the GP03. The problem comes from the fact that there is a deadline now attached to this “slow build” and that my last big build was my longest and almost my most expensive build. This has resulted in making me hesitate in purchasing extra after market parts as well as changing aspects of my original design.

To me the key aspect of NGT’s GP03 design that stands out is how he modifies the waist, it looks great and is pretty original when it comes to gunpla. So I cemented, cut up, and used the only Kotobukiya joints I had on the waist and for the most part was changing the design on the fly.

I also tried coming up with was to add articulation to the neck and shoulders, but I found the way NGT was going about that pretty difficult so I went somewhere else for inspiration. Looking at the Koto joints I thought of the MG AGE1 Gundam’s inner frame neck joint and tried to mimic its design. While on the other hand looking at the Mk-2’s exposed shoulder joints felt like they were something I could recreate as well as give the model a distinctive look.

I decided to lengthen the beam rifle but like various parts of this build it went beyond that. I also had to replace pegs that I either removed or became needed after altering the original joint.

One of the major changes I wanted to do to the original GP03 was remove what I like to call the “ass thrusters”. Instead of get rid of them completely I wanted to move them up and make them apart of the backpack. I used a piece from a MG ZZ Gundam to enlarge the backpack and with the ass thruster’s connector removed from the back of the waist I was left with an open space that I filled with a beam saber handle.

I Cut the ZZ piece in half and sized it to fit the backpack, but was puzzled on how I should attach it so I decided to give magnets a try. I have seen a few other modelers use magnets in their builds and until the Spider-Man recolor (I placed some in his feet) I never used them before. Eventually though I settled on gluing the pieces to one another and unfortunately it took days and various types of putty to fill the gaps the two had.

I went back to the magnets when deciding on how to attach the beam saber to the back waist, I drilled a small hole in the handle and glued a pin inside of it. I went through a few beam handles before I chose one I was happy with then I built up the back waist to cover the magnet and give the facade of it holding the handle in place.

NGT altered the height of his feet and I was personally a bit unsatisfied with how flat the GP03’s feet was so I tried altering them but bit off a bit more than I was expecting so I needed to replace the feet. I was about to order another 1/144 when I remembered I had left over feet pieces from my MG Red Astray. Surprisingly they worked great and with a pla beam and some magnets I was able to easily attach them to the original ankles of the GP03. Right now the only real problem I have is filling the gap created by cutting down the front of the feet.


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