Got a Package

It’s been awhile since I last posted and a bunch of stuff has happened so I’ll spread it between a few posts. First of all I got a package from HLJ and received some after market parts including some of Bandai’s new gunpla builders parts.

To be more specific I got a Kotobukiya Weapon Unit Naginata/Sniper Rifle, Kotobukiya Round Mold 5, 1/144 Builders Parts: Effect #01, 1/144 Builders Parts: Vernier #01, and 1/144 Builders Parts: Hand #01 (EFSF). I wanted to see if I could use parts from the sniper rifle on the GP03’s rifle as well as the hands and verniers for the GP03 as well. I ran into a few problems though first the sniper rifle was too big, more suited for a 1/100 model. Secondly while the vernier works for the back thrusters they couldn’t work for the ones on the binders even with slight modifying. Finally was the hands, which I will say have pretty great detail. You can see two reviews that Vegeta8259 did on the hands here and here. The problem is that first there is no hand for holding a beam saber, you can use the trigger hand but it just doesn’t look good. Also the trigger hand just can’t grasp the handle of the bazooka. Unfortunately because of these reasons I had to go back to the original hands.

The other news is the announcement made a few weeks ago that the Nu Gundam ver. Ka is coming out this December. I don’t think I have ever been as excited for a model than I am for this one. The Nu Gundam is my favorite Gundam and not only do we get what is basically a 2.0 but to get it designed by Katoki just makes it perfect.


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