GP03 updates

With all the major mods done what I focused on was small mods all through out the model. Things like vents for the chest, panel lining, metal screws and rivets, Kotobukiya and wave parts, and various pla applications. I also made sure to soak and clean each piece in order to avoid the problems that happened with the 00 Raiser.

Started painting and it surprisingly everything masking and all went very smoothly. I then applied some decals to each piece but just like with the Char’s Counter Attack diorama I am left waiting for Samuel Decals for the large ones, I really hope it comes within the next day or two.

While waiting for the decals I started to work on a base. Puttied the brass rod (a cut up wire hanger) and in order for it to be flat on its base flush I used some white glue at the edges as a filler. Painted it and added various shades of green foliage, once everything was sealed with glue and acrylic medium I dry brushed some more shades of green on the foliage.


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