One last entry

Even though the color scheme was great the 00 Raiser build had way too many problems for me to feel satisfied with it so I decided to do another OOB entry for the Summer War, the MG 00 Qan [T].

The Qan[T] came out in 2010 which makes it the newest model I have ever worked on in addition the Qan[T] was heavily praised for how good it was since it basically had a shrunk down version of the PG 00 Raiser frame. This was basically the reason why I picked it up to begin with and for the most part it is as good as people said it was. The only problem is that there is one attachment piece that is so tight that if you remove the GN bits (like they are designed to) it will snap. Unfortunately I heard about this universal problem after the fact and had to do some repairing and modifying so it would never happen again.

Once I dealt with that and nub removal I washed and dried the pieces and started painting. With this model I tried various color schemes based off other Gundam designs and settled on the Zeta Plus color scheme. I also wanted to integrate some masking patterns through out that model, something I couldn’t do with the 00 Raiser.

I ran into some paint problems again but I was able to handle them much easier than with the 00 Raiser.


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