Paint chipping to the extreme

If you have seen some of the last few builds I have done you know that since the HG 00 Raiser I have been running into paint chipping problems. It seems to be an issue that comes and goes with every build. Sometimes I get tiny chipping I can easily cover up with a Gundam marker or a small paint brush, but sometimes I get situations like the one I have gotten with my newest build the HG Gundam X.

The problems seem to arise when I am masking, but unfortunately I just can’t pinpoint the reason why some come out well and others peel so much that the paint job is ruined. I made sure to not skip steps like soaking the model and such so there really should be no reason for this to be such a consistent issue, especially since this wasn’t a thing until recently.

I am starting to think maybe switching up my paints and getting new masking tape might help, I sure hope it does cause this latest episode that happened with the X’s shield was one of the worst.


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