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I have been a fan of Gundam X for a while now, the anime and the suit, and when I first saw this model released I knew I had to get it. Luckily the model is everything you could want in a HG, they get so much right without any major pitfalls.

First of all the color separation is pretty great on this. Other than a part of the shoulder vulcan, the black lining on the shield buster rifle, the small vulcans on the chest, and the purple strips on the shoulders everything is molded in its specific color. On top of that the seam lines on this for the most part are pretty good. The white part of the head is in one piece while the shoulders and chest fit in ways that reveal no seams. Unfortunately there are some seams with the cannon, the shield version of the buster rifle, the shoulder vulcan, the forearms, and the calves. The good part is that everything except the forearms wont need any masking or modifying in order for one to seal the seams and still be able to separate the piece for painting.

If you have seen the previous post you should know that the shield went badly and while I did try to fix it, it looked horrible so I abandoned it. But the thing is I always disliked the shield buster rifle so it wasn’t much of a loss for me in the first place (a rifle that turns into a shield really doesn’t make any sense). The Good news is after asking around I think I might finally know what has been causing all the paint chipping and peeling for the past few months. It seems like it was the PlamoUK primer, which I will be dumping for Mr. Surfacer. Hopefully we will never see painting problems like the ones I have been experiencing recently ever again..


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