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For some time now I have been wanting to upgrade my work space. More than anything I wanted to improve my spraying, ventilation, and lighting and with the changes I made I think I managed to do just that.

First of all I have to explain the strange setting of my workspace. You see the house I live in was very much a fixer upper and unfortunately my personal bathroom was on the bottom of the list of rooms to fix. So after 2 years of having basically a useless room that only had a half working sink in it and nothing else I decided to convert it to a workspace. I have been adding to it here and there for the past year. Installing more lighting, some wall shelves, and finding some way to utilize the area around the inactive toilet.

Recently I decided to move most of the storage drawers under the desk and free up space near the window to let more light in while giving me the space to move my spray booth up. With all this including a new stool it felt like a brand new area.

With the spray booth raised the overspray was lessened, enough so I could stop using the window fan that I normally use. But the cleaning station I previously used was just thrown together and would release a lot of fumes so I made a new one that would resemble the pieces of a real cleaning station.

What I did was use a filter cap from an old protective face mask and cut a hole in the container lid as big as the filter itself, then drill a small hole though the cap and use a screw to fasten everything together. For the tube that connects to the airbrush I used a marker cap and the rubber grip of a pen. The marker cap had a large hole drilled out of it as well as had its bottom cut at an angle to let the spray flow into the container easier. Using a combination of glues I attached it to the container lid and the cleaning station was basically done.


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