Last Model of the year


I have always loved the design of the Delta Plus but I really wanted to work on one after seeing a modded one in an issue of Hobby Japan. It looked like a Delta with slight Zeta’ish features.

Here is one of the pages that included it:


For my Delta I wanted to give it even more Zeta’ish colors and with slightly less cosmetic modifications.

After being somewhat frustrated with the Unicorn build I feared the same would happen with the Delta but for whatever reason it didn’t. The Delta has a surprising amount of seam lines, and also has a lot of hollow pieces that were in need of epoxy filling. For those hollow pieces I filled them with epoxy and then applied thinned Tamiya putty. I have always used Tamiya putty out of the tube but now I realize that thinning it slightly gives me more control than I ever used to have.

The only area that gave me some trouble was the head. The seam line is down the middle and the face can’t slip into it. Luckily though I saw a HGUC Delta build in another Hobby Japan issue where the modeler cut the top part of the head off on one side and glued it to the other. This way you could remove the seam line while still being able to separate the head.

After I eventually dealt with all the fillings and seams I added the v-fin and goatee, etched some panels, drilled some details in, and added various pla bits. I am really satisfied with how its coming along.


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