I’ve managed to finish the RG Freedom’s paint and panel lines and now all that’s left is for the decals from Samuel Decals to come in the mail. While waiting for the decals I decided to start my next build, the MG F91.

Everything started out great, I loved how original and solid the chest piece was and the head-piece while a little loose was still pretty nice. The problems came about when I started the arms. First of all these arms share the same inner frame as the MG Crossbone. Just like the Crossbone the elbows are split in two similarly to old NG models. I personally hate this, the joint is bad and always feels like it weakens the arm.


My dislike of the design aside I had an actual issue arise, unfortunately one of the shoulder fins broke. These very thin parts are made out of a brittle plastic so brittle in fact that the piece broke as I was removing it from the runner.


The F91 is one of the very first non polycap models and because of that the joints can be overly tight, the fin joint is one of those and if I tried to rebuild the fin the joint would be so bad that I either wouldn’t be able to manipulate it or it would quickly break again.

I really hope things start to pick back up again with the legs (even though I have heard some complain about them), cause I really have been looking forward to this model for a long time.


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