Fin Fix


I brainstormed for a while on how to fix the shoulder fin that broke on the MG F91 and tried a few fixes with cement and pla strips, but the result was not only weak but too bulky to work. I realized that repairing the old piece was a lost cause so I decided I should just scratch build a new one, the only problem was the strength of the pegs. So in order to give greater support to the joint I made the fin not only fit into the peg joints but wrap around the entire mounting piece. Since the top fin was the one that broke I didn’t need to worry about hampering its mobility so this worked out perfectly.





After getting the measurements right all I needed to do was some sanding to sharpen it and some etching to give it the original’s texture. It’s very stable and once painted should blend in with the others.


I also managed to snapfit and clean all the other pieces, and while I wait for the cement/filler in seams to dry I will finish the RG Freedom.


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