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I haven’t done a MG in some time and since F91 is my favorite Gundam anime I have been wanting to do the MG for a while, unfortunately though the build was a bit of a mixed bag.

Since the Nu ver. Ka Bandai is moving away from using ABS plastic for their MG inner frames and instead to the plastic they use for their RG inner frames. I was at first a bit disappointed in this as I like the heavy weight of my MG’s but this build really shows off why it’s a smart move on their part. This entire model uses no polycaps and the small joints especially suffer for this. ABS plastic against ABS plastic causes a lot of friction and on small areas it’s enough to break (which if you look at the WIP’s on this it did happen). So if Bandai wants to continue going down the polycap-less route this ABS change is necessary.

My other problem is that the color separation of this kit is really bad. If you want to make it as anime accurate as possible (which I didn’t) you are in for it as the plastic really doesn’t facilitate the builder in achieving the various tiny color changes in the vents or fins at all. On top of that the Rafflesia base is basically just one big block of concave shapes all in red making the masking used to paint it properly taxing and frustrating.

With all this said I still really love this model and its visual design. Even with its problems it does have a full inner frame, It only has 2 seam lines in the whole kit and they are on the weapons, and that they did something different with the base really making this model stand out from the rest. As long as you are careful building and handling it as well as having the skill and or patience to deal with the paint job the F91 will be a good build.


4 thoughts on “MG F91

  1. Actually, the RG series uses ABS plastic with PP molded for the mobility. The Nu Ver ka uses a modified PS frame first utilized on the MG Marasai and MG Gundam Age kits.

    Hope to see something from you for this year’s GunPla Builders World Cu[p!

        • I guess I shouldn’t really think about what if’s like traveling and just focus on the initial contest itself.

          If anything I would probably enter one of my older builds like the GP03 since the amount of work I put into that surpasses what I can dedicate to a single build right now.

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