Like many other collectors I display my models in a Ikea Detolf display cabinet and enviably I managed to fill it up, but instead of just buying a second one though I wanted to combine 2 Detolfs into 1. After looking around a bit especially here and here I decided to cut up the Detolf bases and screw them together. Even though I had to hand saw them they turned out fine.

One of the original reasons for combining the Detolfs was in order to fit the Char’s Counter Attack Diorama into the case but even with double the size it couldn’t fit. Luckily I designed the CCA diorama so that the models were connected with rods and pins so I took each of the models and displayed them without the base.

Once the Gunpla were in the new cabinet I felt that with its large size the models seemed like they were hidden in shadows so I wired up LED strips to the display. It took a lot of work but it was really worth it in the end.


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