First AGE kit


Whether you disliked AGE or not I really think a lot of the designs were pretty good. Kanetake Ebikawa designed not only the AGE suits but the 00 suits as well and just like with the 00 suits the mechs are sleek and have pretty dynamic proportions. One of my favorite designs from AGE is the G-Bouncer and the most advanced model of it is the 1/144 HG so I picked it up during Black Friday and it has finally come up in the queue.

I don’t know if it was because I have been working with so much MG and RG lately but the seam lines actually surprised me with this. I guess since the AGE line is very new, the design is some simplified, and that the suits were really designed first and foremost to be models that seam lines wouldn’t be an issue but of course they were.



Most of the seam lines were very easy to deal with, the only problem was the shoulders as they had a long seam right down the middle and they directly connected to the arm through that seam. So what I did is first look through some Hobby Japan scans for how other modelers dealt with this issue and found that they sawed off a piece of the shoulder at a panel line in order to retain the arm joint while sealing the seam. I also cut out some concave vents on the legs so that they would have more depth.




This model like all other HG’s doesn’t have great color separation so a bunch of masking had to be done using a combination of blu tack, tape, and liquid mask.


I also got a package recently and just in the nick of time as I was running out of white, black, and lacquer. I used my Plamo UK vouchers from the Mecha Lounge and Summer War wins and got some paint, but Kyle ended up sending me a lot more than I ordered so wanted to send out my Thanks.


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