I think I have mentioned this before but with almost every new build I try to do something new and with this one it’s camouflage. For the group build I am part of the ground team and since this is pretty much an air based mobile suit design with the flight mode and all, I felt a camo color scheme would reinforce the “ground” theme.

Using a forest camo pattern I found I drew and cut out shapes in masking tape and covered the camouflaged pieces 4 different times letting each layer cure for 24 hours.


The only issue I had while painting was the masked joints. Instead of painting them before hand then cementing them together I decided to paint them afterwards. Unfortunately that led to me having to paint them for 4 days so I could hit every area while making sure each pass had cured so it wouldn’t scratch.


Finally I added some decals, did some metallic dry brushing, and gave the whole thing a brown enamel wash. Still a bit more touch ups to go.



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