Some good and bad news


Well first of all the good news is that the prizes for the Summer War 2012 competition finally came. I won 2nd place in the modified category and won a MG Zeong and a HG Val-Walo.

The Bad news has to do with the Clanche Custom. Unfortunately for some reason the model is falling apart. I can only assume that the enamel wash I gave it started to make the plastic brittle and fragile. I really don’t understand how this happened at all. I didn’t go over board with the mineral spirits and I have even painted entire models with enamels in the past with no problem so I don’t get it.


My solution to this dilemma is to make it a diorama. With it being fixed posed I can get around the fragility. It will be a small diorama with the Clanche integrated enough so that it doesn’t feel like just a stand.

P5161471 P5161472

With the Clanche’s lack of articulation the most dynamic pose I managed to get is a kneeling pose with it swiping a beam saber. I tried bending and heating up a normal beam saber blade but it wasn’t looking good, so instead I took a transparent pink runner and placed it under a fire stretching it and bending it until I got the shape I wanted.


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