River Diorama


I have said it before but I like to try new things with my builds so with this diorama I wanted to do a scene that had to do with water.

Since this build was originally just the model I didn’t want to chance it into a large diorama. Instead I wanted a tight base where I could have the camouflage of the model work in conjunction with the environment so I went for a jungle river.

I started with a DVD spindle and cut off the center pillar and other plastic flaps then sealed the gaps with cemented pla plate. I then used wooden skewers to connect styrofoam while I trimmed them and eventually hot glued them to the base.


I cut some paper and temporarily encased the sides in them and proceeded to cover the styrofoam in plaster. Once it was dry I cut out and hot glued thin pla plate sides to the diorama walls.


For the groundwork I combined about a 6/3/1 ratio of fine sand/sand/small stones with white glue and water and brushed it over the plaster. Once dry I filled the dents in the thin pla walls caused by the hot glue with Tamiya putty as well as added a few random sized stones I found.


From here I realized I wouldn’t have enough flock to cover the diorama well so hearing about how easy and cheap it is to make your own flock I did it using this tutorial. I decided on having 3 shades of green and for the most part I’m happy with the result.


Once dried I primed and sprayed everything in a flat black. Next up painting and flock.



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