Flock, paint, and touch ups


With the base primed and sprayed in flat black I went ahead and started to paint the groundwork.


First I started hand brushing a light gray (with a drop of yellow) all over the ground. Then followed up with different shades of brown lightly brushed into the walls. A gray dry brush and brown enamel wash later I was left dissatisfied with the vividness of the colors.


So I went back to hand brushing richer shades of brown and a mixture of green and blue along the center. To make the walls seem less like mountains and more like thick jungle vegetation along hills I added a bunch of small twigs, most of which I had to discard.


Afterwards I started to add the flock I made earlier, first the medium shade then the dark and then the bright one. Once it was dry I realized that the drastic shades of green looked unnatural so I took some store-bought fine flock and sifted a small amount of it to blend the layers together a little.


While waiting for another layer to dry I refined my weathering of the Clanche Custom with more dry brushing and detail work. I also was still unsatisfied with the look of the plants so I mixed a greenish brown paint and airbrushed it lightly on the flock.


Now that the ground work was done I glued the Clanche to the base and glued the arms in place. For the water I filled the base with clear blue paint mixed with acrylic medium. Never used this much acrylic medium at once before so not sure how long it will take.


2 thoughts on “Flock, paint, and touch ups

    • I have used liquitex and sargent and they both seem pretty good.

      I go into this on the follow up post to this but if you do use acrylic medium for water keep in mind that it should be done in layers and that pouring it like shown in the thread lead to it not fully becoming clear.

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