MG Buster


I gotta say I really love the way the Buster Gundam turned out. Even with all the disappointments this build gave me at the beginning, once I started putting together the painted pieces I knew I would be happy with the result. Not sure if it’s all the new paint I bought just prior to painting this ensuring I got to use the exact colors I wanted or the panel lining experience I had but this is probably my best paint job of 2013.


4 thoughts on “MG Buster

  1. I’m going to start this kit next month, just wondering if you have any tips for dealing with the seam line on the beam rifle? (Left gun)

    IIRC the seam goes across these bumps and while I was looking at the kit I was thinking about how much that would be a pain to sand.

    • For me I also was worried about this while building and after looking at a bunch of other builds of the kit I decided to fill in the seam along the length of the barrel but leave the seam on the small overlapping part on the Gun Launcher. The High-energy Rifle from what I can remember was much easier. All I did was cut the clear parts in half and clean them up so the rifle would be sealed and that they would just slide in.

      Sanding wise use a sanding sponge like this:
      for the curved surfaces and just fold a piece of sand paper and use it as a thin vertical piece for the gaps along the barrel.

      • Hey man,

        Just started building the Buster and I had another question about the sliding mechanism (for combining) on the guns. Do they move up and down without scratching the paint on the barrels or did you have to do some kind of mod?



        • Didn’t have to mod anything. I can’t remember how loose or tight they were but if you let your paint cure before hand it should be strong enough.

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