Back from vacation


For the last 2 weeks I have been on vacation so I wasn’t able to do as much work on the Sinanju as I hoped, although I do have a bunch of updates for it as well as for what I will being doing for the next up coming months.

First of all after a few weeks of thought and discussion I have decided of that I will just wait for any commission requests rather than build models specifically for selling as it just isn’t worth the frustration it puts on something that is supposed to be fun for me. So with that in mind I wont be doing the 2nd Sinanju, and even though I am enjoying certain parts of this build I am not really interested in doing another one so I am thinking about selling or just trading it for other kits that I want.

Another thing is that HLJ has announced their new plamo contest. I entered the last one a year and a half ago with the MG Wing Zero and because of the “no WIP” rule it was a pretty unsatisfying experience. When it comes to contests I believe the fun of the WIP can sometimes be as good as winning. Luckily thou this time they decided to let there be WIP’s but with one caveat, it has to be on their community site. I wont be able to post any images of my entry here, but on the plus side I was planning on joining that community eventually anyway.

About the Sinanju I managed to finish basically everything besides the red armor which I am waiting for new paints to try out on it. I have to say though more masking than I anticipated and the tediousness of the reverse wash is really starting to make me question why some people call this the best MG of all time.



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