When putting the Sinanju together I noticed that the bazooka had a sight but unlike the beam rifle there was no lens just a gray plastic dome where the lens should be.

I assume since they just took the Hobby Japan bazooka and just added it to the Sinanju OVA version they didn’t think they needed to bother with good color separation or clear parts. So I was considering just painting the plastic a metallic green but then remembered that I bought WAVE after market parts just for this situation years ago (which can be found here).


From there I was going to just do the standard clear green on one side and chrome on the back side technique with all the lens parts, but then noticed that I had a sheet holographic stickers I tried so hard to get years ago that I almost never get the chance to use. The hologram sheet in question is made by HIQ Parts, and while is sold out at HLJ they still are available at Hobby Search and if your lucky on ebay.

P9031834 P9031833

These stickers are similar to the ones that come with the Nu Gundam ver. Ka as both sides to these stickers are holographic, allowing me to use these for lenses that fit into somewhat deep tubes.


What makes these so great is just the shimmering effect they give off, their shine can only be compared to aurora visor stickers which don’t have as much flexibility in usage.


I highly recommend picking a sheet of this up as it’s cheaper and at least for me easier to get than aurora visor stickers.


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