Breaks and Fixes


The MG Sinanju is a pretty advanced model even considering it came out in 2008 and with the new OVA version BANDAI seemed to want to improve on some of its faults. The kit has no polycaps which with its size and weight can be a bit hard on the joints so with the OVA version they turned the ABS frame into PS giving it increased bend and give. Primarily the biggest problems was in the torso joint where the original version Ka was infamous for breaking. Well I am disappointed to say that even with the new frame I had to deal with a bunch of the same problems.

Last week while drying the armor I assembled the inner frame and ran into 3 situations where I had to either fix or modify something to prevent breakage. The preventable one was the hands. Even though most tend to I don’t normally split the fingers with hands like these mostly because I find that even with the small peg weapons just don’t want to stay in the hands, and having the non trigger finger fingers together helped. When it comes to this Sinanju though the connected fingers were starting to strain the knuckle joints and unless I split them the joint would have broken so I did just that.


The next issue was with the scope for the beam rifle. The moment I saw the beam rifle scope I questioned why it was designed where only a thin beam of plastic had to hold up a larger piece of plastic horizontally as well as had to be able to turn. Well just like I feared it did break but with some dabs of cement I was able to reconnect it.


The final issue was the most surprising and disappointing to me the torso joint broke.  Now the whole reason why I chose to get the version OVA and held off from getting the version Ka for all this time was because of the dreaded torso joint so when this thing broke I was pretty much in disbelief. I knew I could fix it since everyone seems to have had to do it but I was still pretty shocked.

The fix I used for it consisted of cutting a diameter specific brass tube to size bracing it with trimmed down thick pla, and super gluing them together then them to the piece adding pla bits here and there to further brace it.



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