Done with the contest

I haven’t posted in little over 2 months so I’m sure some people were wondering what happened. Well I didn’t get burnt out after the Sinanju, I wasn’t traveling or swamped with work, it was HLJ and their rules. As you can guess I have been working on my HLJ contest entry and while that doesn’t mean I couldn’t post text updates or just post about something else entirely I just kept putting it off.

Well now I am done with my entry and have submitted it. I planning to post numerous images of the WIP and the final model once HLJ says it’s okay to but you can see a little bit of it here.

The Perfect Grade RX-78-2 I won in the Mecha Lounge contest last year is what I worked on for this one and I am very happy with the final piece.

With this out of the way I will go back to updating regularly.


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