First build of 2014

Similarly to last year I have plenty of plans for the year and expect a bunch of changes and shake ups within my life. Instead of anticipating this and trying to take a break like last year only to go right back to building soon after I am going to do the opposite and try to build all the builds I want ASAP before any possible life changes occur. That means a lot more builds at hopefully a quicker rate.

So with that in mind I decided my first build of the year after the Sinanju and the PG RX-78-2 would be a nice quick build and considering that I built and sanded half of the kit already over my summer vacation Heavyarms was the obvious choice, but right off the bat I had problems.

First of all the back skirt armor just snapped right off the runner as I was removing it, luckily it was a clean break so cement and putty was all that was needed to make it invisible after painting.


Secondly, seam lines are pretty normal among Gunpla and I’m not usually bothered by them if they are easy to modify but seeing seam lines on a 2012 MG kit just irked me. With RG’s and the MG Quanta a 2010 kit having no seams at all it just feels wrong for even newer kits to have them. The most egregious seam was on the gun and with a quick look at the Hobby Japan that came out when the kit did I found the easiest way to deal with it.


The third issue was a bit more taxing and was pretty surprising since I designed my workspace so this wouldn’t happen… I lost a piece. One of the covers to the side skirt vents just vanished and considering the size and shape of the piece scratch building a new one just made more sense than ordering a new one. Building it wasn’t hard but I had to make a few of them since it was hard to get the fit right.


Finally the last thing was brought about probably by a bit of impatience and a large desire to conserve paint, the paint job just didn’t come out right. It was one of those situations where you paint it in a certain way so that you use less paint but in the end in order to fix what you did you use a lot of paint to cover over the other layers. In the end I think I managed to fix my mistakes but I will have to wait and see what the kit fully assembled looks like to really know.


All of these issues aren’t really a big deal but considering that this build was supposed to be a breather I think I will need another “quick build” once this one is over.


One thought on “First build of 2014

  1. Keep up the good work! You will overcome these small setbacks. I really enjoy your blog and learn a lot from it.

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