Heavyarms Update


I was thinking I should try to post more smaller consistent updates rather than longer ones and since I am not ready to post final images of the Heavyarms as my lighting needs to be re setup here’s an extra WIP.

In my last post I talked about problems I had with the contrast of the paint, well luckily another pass with a mid range color dulled the fluorescent brights and the pre shaded darks. The result gave the kit a darker more brownish look but it fits with the theme of the Heavyarms so I was fine with it. The decals came out fine too with only slight placement problems on the single dry transfer I used and some misspelling on the waterslides since they weren’t the official Bandai ones which just were released (took them long enough).


Unfortunately though everything didn’t go so smoothly as hoped and I ran into a share of problems which all started when I went to put together the completed model. What I started to realize was that various areas of the Heavyarms were made to fit very tightly and that resulted in two things breaks and scratched paint. First there was a break in the lower chest part but fortunately the way the piece was designed allowed it to still be secure. The biggest issue though was how everything seems to be stuck from the hatches in the front and side skirts to the chest piece. I had to scrape off a bunch of paint in those areas just so the pieces could open freely, which since this was a OOB paint job wasn’t that noticeable. Finally the missile pods on the left side skirt managed to scrap off a little paint from a missile.


These have since been touched up slightly and hopefully are invisible in the final images.



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