Some problems but still enjoying it


As the Mk2 real grade build continues I am unfortunately hitting a few more snags but they still aren’t effecting the experience.

Even though the Mk2 is said to be the most solid and sturdy RG out of them all it still is a RG and the pieces can be fragile so eventually one did manage to break while I was snap fitting it, but since it was prior to paint it wasn’t much of a hassle to deal with. The real issues arose from the enamel wash I gave the kit after painting it. I decided to use grays instead of metallic on this build which means I had to panel line the inner frame and considering all the crevices enamels can sometimes pool. This resulted in a few cracks here and there on various places of the model. Luckily none of these areas were structural and could be easily hidden.


On a happier note I felt like I wanted to improve on the kit in someway so I masked off some pieces in order to give it even more color separation, and it turned out great.

P2072264 P2082269P2092270

On the home stretch now but before I post up the final pictures I have another build to showcase.


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