Zaku Shiki

The finish came out nice and I would say except for the 00 Raiser this is the best paint job I ever did, and it would have turned out even better if it wasn’t for just one incident.

The incident being that I ran out of clear yellow paint. Like I mentioned before this was for a contest and I managed to run out of paint just before the context deadline was approaching. I don’t have anywhere local I can get Mr.Hobby goods so I had to order it online but the order took much longer that I was used to from the place I normally get paint. so I panicked and bought some Tamiya clear yellow acrylic. Funnily enough the Mr. Color paint arrived just before the contest deadline but after I already used the acrylic.

Basically every part of the gold that looks darker than the rest is the acrylic. The worst thing is after the contest the judges were giving feedback on the entries and the main reason I lost was because of the different shades of gold.


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