Modifying a Real Grade


One day while viewing modelers-g I saw an amazing RG Strike Freedom build. Considering that I am always on the look out for great Japanese gunpla blogs as well as I recently purchased my own RG Strike Freedom I found his blog to see his WIP. What I noticed as I looked through his past entries was that he modified the proportions of the real grade in order to achieve the look. It’s pretty rare to see RG frame modifications even among Japanese modelers because of how advanced they are as well as how fragile they tend to be. But he did so and considering I needed to do some proportion altering for a future RG build I thought this was a good opportunity to get my feet wet.


First I added pla with a rod drilled inside to the legs to lengthen them. Combined pla and epoxy to the feet to make them bigger. Altered the shoulders so they would be permanently extended and cut open the armor while adding detail to the frame underneath. Raised the neck by a millimeter or two. Finally I shaved the cockpit hatch down and added some pla to it as it needed to be strengthened afterwards.

P4052648 P4062649 P4062650

Once all together each mod helps make the new proportions work.

Since I was going to all the trouble of modifying this kit I couldn’t just leave the wings plated so I stripped them. I tried both bleach and degreaser, and while the bleach didn’t seem to work at all the degreaser stripped everything in a few hours.

P4072672 P4082678 P4092715

Unfortunately like every RG I build something broke and this time it was a wing. They are pretty thin and the dark blue covers on them are very tight so as I was removing one it snapped.


I ordered a replacement from Gentei kits but it could take weeks to get here so this build might be on hold for now.


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