Another build another break


When I was working on the Strike Freedom epoxying the feet I was left with a bit of epoxy left over so as not to waste it I quickly broke out a kit from my backlog that I knew needed some gaps filled, this kit being the HGAC Wing Gundam. A week or so later when I was left waiting for the Strike Freedom replacement part and the decals for the Zeta I thought finishing the Wing in the meantime would be the best course of action.

Everything seemed fine but just like the title says another break happened. The piece in question was the face plate and the break happened right off the runner itself. I managed to fix the face plate but in the process all the detail was lost, and attempting to scribe back the detail went nowhere.


With one of the focal pieces of the kit altered I felt like doing my original OOB idea just wouldn’t work anymore and eventually settled on giving the kit a ver.Ka scheme. I anticipated some masking from this decision but didn’t realize how difficult some areas would become to do. I also didn’t see coming just how many seams his HG would have. Considering the praise this kit got I was expecting better seams and while it isn’t as bad as some 00 HG’s or the Clanche it isn’t close to the almost seamless Nu or Unicorn. What this kit does excel in is its color separation which is excellent but since I wasn’t going OOB I didn’t get to take advantage of that strength.


Like mentioned I ran into some difficulty masking especially the tiny helmet ears and the white areas that are on top of the red wings. The latter having had to be painted and sanded numerous times.


Eventually I got all the masking done and managed to clean up all the small problems throughout the paint work.


Like the Zeta everything is finished and ready to go but I am waiting on decals so this guy is joining the growing pile of almost finished kits hopefully to be finished once I get what I need from the mail.



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